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BeatBib Interchangeable Makeup Brush Set

Say Goodbye To Your Basic Makeup Brushes 👋

Scale down on your makeup tools with our one-of-a-kind makeup brush set! With just 2 standard brush handles you get multiple applications with our interchangeable brush heads. The Beatbib® brush set is perfect for travel and on the go makeup application! Sold exclusively on our website 💗

What You Get

  1. A small handle (for face + eyes)
  2. A big handle (for face)
  3. A compact carrying case
  4. Four face brushes
  5. Two eye brushes 

For The Face: 

  • Tapered powder brush
  • Flat top foundation brush 
  • Angled powder/blush brush 
  • Fluffy highlighter brush 

For The Eyes:

  • Round eyeshadow brush
  • Eyeshadow blending brush


  • Premium synthetic brush fibers

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